Evaluating hitters is a very difficult task. Static exit speed can determine a players hand strength and bat speed by measuring how fast a ball is hit off a tee. This measurement is a great tool to measure gap power and home run power. It can also be a good indicator of consistent good contact with the ball.

 We highlight the state of the art PowerDash 3X timing system used by the NFL for all combine sprint testing. We are quick to set up and break down. We measure 60yd dash with 90ft base path split time. Photo start displayed seconds after each run with times.  Foot speed is the only common denominator of offense and defense. It should never be in a slump!

The players arm strength is reflected by his velocity, but is only one indicator of ability. Speed Specs uses the 2014 Stalker Sport 2 for all velocity measurements. This is the preferred radar gun of Major League Baseball.  We measure pitcher velocity and position player velocity. Even though velocity does not always equal success at any level it remains a key component of the overall athletic ability.

Exit Speed



Speed Specs offers precise performance testing for a baseball camp organizer, college or high school coach, summer team coach or any individual athlete. We strive to be a leader in athletic measurements using state of the art Fully Automated Timing system, Stalker radar velocity equipment, standardized method of measurement, skills video, seamless integration to any camp or combine, all delivered in an easy to read certified Athletic Performance Summary. We do not evaluate athletes, we simply provide credible assessment data with consistent measurement standards. Our goal is to offer these services to all athletes who wish to be measured.

Precision Athletic Measurements