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THe importance of skills video

Skills video has become essential to the recruiting process, and will only continue to gain importance. No matter which prospect profile program you've chosen, it will require you to provide skills video early in the process.

Video allows coaches to:

   See and assess many more athletes than their limited resources can support.

   Find athletes that fit in their program's level of play, and academic standards.

   Respond by seeking you, if they like what they see and have matching needs.

Video allows you to:

   Complete your prospect profile if you are at that point.

   Get you seen by many more coaches than anything else you do.

   Learn where you have technique improvement opportunity

To address the problem of randomness in the recruiting video being provided, college organizations have recently sought to standardize skills video for each position, in terms of what skills are demonstrated, and camera locations. Properly done skills video is short, silent, and arguably boring, but the standards developed are based on what coaches want to see. Coaches are looking at overall athleticism, fielding and hitting technique, and arm strength. 

Though they expect your video to be done to the standard, there is room to customize a bit and emphasize your strengths through video annotations. Worthy of an annotation might be your size, speeds, or GPA. And these on-video notes, enable coaches to learn a bit more about you while they assess your skills. Now, if at times you just want training video, we don't have to follow any standards and can customize to what ever you want. You can see some of these examples on our site. 

As you do your first video as a freshman, you'll discover it's especially important during these high growth years to update perhaps a few times per year, and why Speed Specs is proud to deliver quality video so affordably. And you will actually get better at performing on video, all nervousness gone, which along with your actual improvement, will have you well prepared for your final video version as your formally engage with colleges of your choice. 

I'm sure you get it by now, but it's always worth repeating that if you want to play at the next level, you have to self-promote aggressively, and providing coaches properly-done skills video is essential to getting the looks you deserve.

Thank You, 

 Speed Specs