is speed specs a recruiting service?

No. We measure athletes. Our measurement data is provided for use at the discretion of coaches, athletes and recruiting services.

For Athletes:

What will Speed specs do at my camp?

With our efficient set-up and tear-down we can measure 60yd dash with 90ft split time, arm velocity, and exit speed delivered in an individual athletic performance summary.

Each measurement is available individually as needed.

What is Stalker Sport 2?

The Stalker Sport 2 Radar Gun stands alone with certified accuracy and consistency, is used by all major league teams, and dramatically outperforms all other "toy" radar guns.

​What is powerdash 3X?

Powerdash 3X is a fully automated timing system providing accurate 60yd, as well as selected split times. It is the equipment of choice for NFL combines.

where do I have to go to get measured?

We use multiple fields and indoor facilities throughout Orange County. 

What's wrong with stopwatches?

Our methods using fully automated timing system and the highest industry standard in velocity measurement eliminates all manual stop-start variability. 

How does it help me?

Makes coaches everywhere aware that you have the skills to play at the next level.

Who is speed specs, llc?

We recommend you read Our Story, but simply put, we are a couple of business executives now in position to transform a hobby in sports measurements and a passion for baseball, into a service that will benefit ALL young athletes.

Why Get measured?

It's essential for your next level aspirations, as all colleges require speed and velocity measurements. 

Would you be in my way?

​No. Our set-up and tear-down process is quick and seamless. We can adapt and integrate seamlessly to any camp structure.

​Do you provide testing for teams?

Yes. We can provide all combine style testing for summer teams, high schools, and colleges. We can assist with the planning and organizing of camp events.



Our systems allows the coaching staff to spend their time assessing players instead of data collection. We offer precision athletic testing that is soon becoming a standard in all baseball camps. 


Precision Athletic Measurements