Precision Athletic Measurements

Speed Specs is able to offer digital timing and testing systems designed for measuring speed, agility and a number of other performance metrics.

with fractions of an inch and two decimal places separating the top players on most teams, it is important to ensure an athlete's data is uniform and accurate. High school and colleges need to ensure that the athletes they are considering are being measured consistently and accurately. The use of fully Automated Timing systems, where the time is started by the athlete and stopped by the athlete,  is the first important step in ensuring the athletes are being compared fairly. Other important steps include: system set-up is exactly the distance specified; providing a certificate of timer equipment accuracy; documentation of test conditions, including running surface and weather conditions. Not following these guidelines will always call into question the accuracy of the claimed time.

Speed Specs, llc provides a traceable F.A.T. platform. Data cables are used to connect the timer display uint to remote sensors. Use of data cables precludes any timing interferences or delays in wireless communications with timing box. Aerospace steel cable with precise markers for 10/20/30/40/60 yard positions is used to ensure exact placement of the timing points. Our process is unchallengeable and is why Speed Specs will stand behind our measurement methods.

Popular football measurements are:

40yd dash

RAT Agility Test

RAST Endurance Test

3 Cone Drill

5-10-5 Drill