College coaches say that the majority of players must promote themselves to play this game at the next level. Summarized here, are points expressed throughout the college coaching community, describing the current recruiting environment. Players and families need to recognize the importance of putting yourself in a position to get noticed. Beyond your game skills, effective self-promotion boils down to this:  

  1. First, find your heart on all of this, and decide that you really want to play baseball at the next level.
  2. You need to promote yourself! You must put yourself in front of coaches that don't know you.
  3. Again, you absolutely must take the lead on promoting yourself. Coaches will not come knocking on your door.
  4. To get noticed, you NEED good quality skills video - all coaches want it.
  5. Take the lead on shaping your baseball future - remember, your parents are not going to college with you.
  6. Parents should be in a role of support and guidance. The student-athlete should handle the communication.
  7. Don't completely rely on your current coaches to promote or place you somewhere.
  8. You need to know your skill level to seek appropriate colleges for your academic desires and baseball aspirations.
  9. Attend the camps of college programs that you are interested in.
  10. You must send emails and video to coaches. Include summer baseball tournament schedules.
  11. Play in the highest level tournaments available. Your athletic resume is important.
  12. Be realistic about where you can play at the next level.
  13. Understand you're a student first, and an athlete second, as you work towards choosing a college.
  14. Work hard on your GPA and SAT/ACT - this will save your parents thousands, and make you more attractive to college programs.
  15. For most athletes, more assistance will become available through academic performance more than game skills.
  16. Get used to having everything you do being measured and documented.
  17. Getting measured should start no later than your sophomore year - don't wait until you're a senior to begin self-promotion.
  18. Learn to deal with adversity on and off the field- all coaches assess your reaction to failure and adversity.
  19. Get with your high school counselor and register for the NCAA Clearinghouse.

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