Precision Athletic Measurements

Video Notes

Our Video Methods:

To properly capture your skills video, we operate with at least two camera technicians, and usually two or more auxiliary players or coaches, to take throws, pitch to the hitters, throw to the catchers, and to hit ground balls and fly balls to the infield and outfield position players.  We use new baseballs, and require all auxiliary players that will be in the final video to be dressed in proper baseball workout gear.  And it should be noted here that you should pay specific attention to how you dress for your session.  Look like a ballplayer – a proper cap, and absolutely no shorts, sweats, or tank tops.  Pitchers, and to some extent hitting video, can be done indoors at training facilities, but infielders and outfielders must be done on a field.  The better the field, of course the better the background will be. But the recruiting staff understands access to facilities is challenging, and really don’t complain about where it’s shot – just how it’s shot - their focus is on assessing the athlete, but we still strive to prepare the field and background to minimize any distraction from the featured athlete.

​Service Options


We offer all combine-style testing to help or add value to any event. Contact us for pricing details.

Popular events include:

  • High School Combines
  • Summer Team Combines
  • 'Know Your Speed' night at indoor facilities

​Individual testing and Skills video 

This is a comprehensive option to give recruiters and families what they need to promote your skills for the next level.  This option is not conducted in a combine setting. It will be one on one attention to the individual athlete. This includes everything in the Combine-Style testing above delivered in a personal Athletic Performance Summary. Many college coaches want to know how you would 'measure up' in their program.

Along with the testing, we also provide skills video. This is the number one request from all college coaches.  Each final video will be edited in sequence for every position you want to play in college. Batting would be included with all video packages. We use multiple technicians, field support and great field locations to capture your best. We follow video standards set by the NCSA (National Collegiate Scouting Association).

Coaches prefer short concise skills video with no 'bells and whistles', preferably a link as coaches review hundreds of video on the road.

Individual Testing and Video Package is $399. Call for custom pricing for athletes outside of the Orange County area.

Youth team testing - ages 12-13

Includes 60yd dash and arm velocity measurement using all the same equipment in our combine testing.                      $25 per player with a 9 player minimum.

Combine-Style testing - CAmps and Showcases - Group Testing

Includes certified 60yd dash with a 90ft split time using a Fully Automated Timing System, arm velocity for position players and pitchers with wireless LED MPH on-field display, static exit speed for batted-ball, also featuring wireless LED MPH display, and an individual Athletic Performance Summary. 

We specialize in integrating seamlessly into any camp structure even as a late add. Considering all the variables in how camps are run and variety of services requested, we would ask that you call for specific pricing. For your planning purposes complete testing fees would be approximately $75 per athlete. Discounts for large groups.

Please call for pricing (714) 875-6367

Skills video Only

Video package includes 4 videos - 

* Comprehensive Video - Hitting side and rear view angle, 2 positions front and rear view angle, 60yd sprint (position players only), and player profile annotations.     

* Hitting Mechanics Video - Side and rear view angle

* Hitting/Pitching Video - Side and rear view angle slow motion. Pitching velocity measured during video for

  on screen display.

* 60yd Dash Video - Front View of 60yd dash. 

Full Video Package - $249

Group Pricing Available - Please contact us for custom pricing (805)288-7288